Spring Island (English)

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Spring Island (English)

Message par BigAlex le Lun 1 Déc - 6:51

Spring Island

1- Entry to Underwater Tunnel (3227, 2440)
2-Exit from Underwater Tunnel (3157, 2537)

be carefull entering the tunnels, poisonnus mobs are awaiting for u.
Underwater Tunnel

1-entry of Underwater Tunnel (199,245)
2-from Seabed Tunnel (160,425)
3- to the exit from Underwater Tunnel(48,429) whixh leads to Fox Sage (lvl 70) at (3135,2469) at exterior.

Spring Island

BOSS: Fox Sage lvl 70 à (3135,2469)

Fox Sage

HP (135k) and def (235).

-hard for crusses, they die in 2-4 hits in general, so its pretty quick death for them.
-2 lv 65 clerics should kill it no problems, in 20-30 minutes thought.

-Immortal Fox Skin 80%
-Tooth of Fox Immortal 25%
-Chunk of Rotten Meat 15%
-Mystic Chest 100%
-Amber Crystal 20%
-Faerie Shoes 15%
-Colossus 4% (good lv 75 champ sword, good for daddy Very Happy) Laughing
-Fairy Box 50%

the boss respawns every 30 minutes, so with a good party it could be great to try and farm" him a couple of hours, with CB and possession your pretty sure to get a colossus after 10 killings.

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