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Chaos Argent (English)

Message par BigAlex le Lun 1 Déc - 7:13

Opens 2 times per day, at 2 P.M. Top hour, and at 8 p.m. Top hour.
The portal is open for 30 mins, but the duration of the pvp is 45 minutes.
its Argent city turned in a pk zone. for the first 6-10 minutes chests will apprear, theres 3 set-ups of chests possible, these ones ;

Also, most of the mobs drops Ref gems at a rate of 1%
to consider that mobs and chests there un-stealthes the crusses.
our technique is mostly to gather at the pvp, navy recruiter, or commerce area during the first 25 minutes, after that we try to gather up like at the top right of the city, which after 30 mins will be full of Blackdragon mobs. the top right is the safe place we have chosen, theres only 1 mob to tank up there, which a Blackdragon Carsise.
Pics of the guild in action

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Leader Renaissence

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