Boss Lv90 Prehistoric Giant Octupus.

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Boss Lv90 Prehistoric Giant Octupus.

Message par HorcaS le Mar 30 Déc - 14:18

Kill the Boss Lv90 Prehistoric Giant Octupus (popularly known as “Kraken”) is complicated, but the road to it, too.
It’s in Skeletar Isle (520,168).

The Kraken has 2.000.000 HP, good range of vision and attack 2000-3000.
With coordination take 2 or 3 hours to kill.

Ideally with 2 teams, while an attack, the other is to repair.
And it is essential “not die”.

We need Sea Voyager with good ships (Lv50 or better), because with ships Lv30 we sink.

Algae usually fail with bosses, the leader should take another voyager support.

Voyagers use manufacture (Mirage Generators, Ship Flamers, Penetrators, Food Generation and wood).

The Kraken is surrounded by Skeletar Pirate Ships Lv60 (with immobilizer attack), we must be careful with them too.

Note: If there guild members doing Rebirth Quest, they must be all in the killer party (is important the other participants disconnect and re-enter).

Here I put information about the experience and money for up yours ships.

Hear suggestions!! xD

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